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Ear shoes classic collection Council which was attended accompany Ear shoes classic collection Tatu is the Secretary, Faith Ariyadi Tb, La Ode Asraruddin treasurer, vice chairman of the Organization field Supaman, vice chairman of the election winning field Acang, vice chairman of the field of youth and sports Ebby Djauharie and vice chairman Nurul Aini Yitno female midwives.

DPD is sent every 7 people in this V Rapimnas Golkar party. Meanwhile, when asked about the absence of the Queen ATUT who is also chairman of Golkar, Ratu Tatu answered his brother was not a caretaker DPD.

“Mother, you officials DPP instead of DPD,”said Ratu Tatu told AFP before filling attendance at Rapimnas Golkar, JS Luwansa Hotel, Jl HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Friday ( 22/11/2013 ).

“It’s a lot ( board DPD ) are present,”he added.

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) Badriyah Ayumi invites Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja sit together for the perception of child protection.

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